Sound file deleted

  Mike_R 17:40 07 Jul 07

Problem 2 from finger-happy grandson is that he deleted a file which he says caused the sound to stop on the desk top. The file that he says that he deleted was Realplayer.
Advice please on where I can find the file and restore the sound. BTW I have now reduced his user status to limited, but a bit too late I'm afraid.
Also installing AccessBoss has clipped his wings.

  crosstrainer 17:44 07 Jul 07

Download it from click here

  eedcam 17:45 07 Jul 07

Ifit was just a file is it not in the recycle bin or can you do a system restoreTo before the event

  wee eddie 17:46 07 Jul 07

You could do a System Restore to a point before he deleted the Program

  Mike_R 18:16 07 Jul 07

Thanks. I'l1 try downloading the file when I next visit. Unfortunately, he deleted it some time ago and it is not in the recyle bin. Also I'm a bit reluctant to start restoring to way back when.
Another thought - can he download it himself with limited access?

  eedcam 18:21 07 Jul 07

You dont mean he's lost all sound by any chance

  Mike_R 18:24 07 Jul 07

Yes, he has. There is not a peep out of the PC. Looking in the control panel, a box says "No audio"

  rdave13 18:58 07 Jul 07

You could also try windows update and use the "custom" tab. Should find your sound drivers.

  wee eddie 19:16 07 Jul 07

I don't think that the two are related.

Try making sure that everything is correctly plugged in and turned on.

  eedcam 22:58 07 Jul 07

Believe me Mike some windows updates can knock the sound out you get the sound card not available or installed. at least have a look to the last updates see if the tally with the prob and roll back to before them .You can always come back to today if it does'nt help

  wee eddie 08:17 08 Jul 07

Do you know if you have "On-board Sound" or a "Card"?

It might be worth replacing the Drivers.

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