Sound Editing - what's needed?

  Bargee 20:39 06 Feb 04


I'm in the middle of a new build & am installing Pinnacle Studio DC10 "plus" a video capture & editing card/suite. This is insufficient for editing original sound track from camcorder recordings, beyond the basic volume & fade of the entire sound track.

Now I would like to edit out or fade down those annoying sounds that can impinge on our holiday recordings for example, so what hardware &/or software is available that will allow me to do that? I am fairly certain that my motherboard's onboard 5.1 sound will be inadequate hardware wise.

I don't mind a resonable outlay, but mega-bucks are out of the question.


  Mysticnas 21:21 06 Feb 04

not quite sure if this is up your street, but it's a pro sound editing tool from Sonic Foundrys Sound Forge. As far as i know version 6 is the latest one, but you could probably pick up an older version for a lot less.

You can everything you need in this and whole lot more things that you probably won't even get time to use!

Otherwise, get an older affordable version Adobe Premiere, with this you can edit video professionally and do most basic sound editing.

  leo49 21:56 06 Feb 04

Soundforge is now up to Version 7 and is rebranded Sony now that they've bought out Sonic. I haven't come across too many changes/improvements from the previous version.

  MichelleC 22:10 06 Feb 04

Anything from Sonic Foundry (now Sony) is excellent. But I found Nero's own wav editor, although basic, can get rid of a lot of interference.

  Bargee 08:41 07 Feb 04

Thanks for all of that, I'll look into those.


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