Sound Drivers for Windows 7 Any ideas pls?

  Autoschediastic 15:10 PM 06 Nov 11

Hi chaps its been a while since been on the site, hope everyones ok?

Anyway my sound card has died and i need a new one ive got about £45 i dont mind a decent second hand one or a half decent new one or whatever i can get for the money? Im overwhelmed with Creative sound cards & their inability NOT to support W7? ive looked at so many forums and threads and people are saying stay away from Creative IF you are using W7 64bit? given the benefit of the doubt i bought one of creatives sound card three days ago that stated its compatible with W7 and guess what it wasnt! didnt matter what driver i tried it wouldn't work? So my question is What is a decent Card for that money please? Even if it if it is a creative one thats suggested from a person thats using W7 64bit? im open to anything...thanks

  onthelimit1 15:13 PM 06 Nov 11

This site any help?

  Autoschediastic 15:17 PM 06 Nov 11

onthelimit1 LEGEND! ur the man! thanku so much! ur now on my christmas card list! cheers


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