Sound doesn't work after removing front panel?

  Nyx 13 Oct 12

Hey :)

The front panel (the thing with the USB & audio ports at the front) didn't really work so I decided to open up my PC and remove it. It was obviously connected to the main board so I just unplugged it and took it out and now the sound on the PC does not work. There is no error shown at all. The PC shows that there is sound coming out but nothing comes out of the speakers (which were always plugged in at the back anyway).

I assume I have to turn something off int he BIOS but I have no idea really.

Can someone help with this? :)

  lotvic 13 Oct 12

I suggest you look to see what model/make of motherboard and Bios version you have and then download the manual and diagrams for it so you can see what connections are necessary for the sound.

  Nyx 13 Oct 12

My motherboard is the "Foxconn Flaming Blade GTI".

What I don't understand is why the front panel would be essential for sound. It doesn't make sense to me but I'm no expert.

  Nyx 13 Oct 12

I found the manual online which can be obtained at:

I checked through it but I can't find any solution. :(

  Peter 13 Oct 12


Perhaps you dislodged something (plug, cable, connector, etc.) when you removed the front panel item.

If you think/find that this is not the problem try putting the front panel item back in place and connect it up.


  D@ve 13 Oct 12

Have you tried reinstalling the sound driver? The rear sound ports are not usually dependent on any other cables being plugged in to the motherboard. Perhaps simply the change in setup has somehow upset the driver.

  lotvic 13 Oct 12

With the motherboard manual - it was so you would know which connections to check. I wonder if the pc 'thinks' you are listening through the Headphone connection if that's on the front panel.

  woodchip 13 Oct 12

If it as sockets for earphones at the front and mic removing these are the most likely cause other than above you removed wrong cable off motherboard


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