Sound Distortion & Jerky Picture

  MarleyCat 10:26 17 Feb 08

I have just upgraded to Vista Home Premium and I am having problems playing DVD's.
The sound is distorted with lots of crackles and the picture is jerky in movement.
I have a Creative Live 5.1 Series(WDM) sound card and a NVidia GeForce FX 5100 video display running on a Dell Dimension 8300 setup.
I have tried updating the drivers but found that the sound card is past its service life with no Vista drivers available.
I have also tried the program combatability wizard with no lasting effects. I managed to get the sound OK at one point but it was not in sync with the video.
Any help would be much appreciated.

  howard64 20:59 17 Feb 08

you have discovered the pleasure of upgrading an older machine to vista and not having drivers available. You could try downloading the driver for the latest sound cards and seeing if they run with your old sound card.

  MarleyCat 16:10 18 Feb 08

Many thanks howard64 for your suggestion.It is one I had not thought of.
I will certainly give it a go.

  Fingees 18:52 18 Feb 08

You may also check that your memory is at least 1 meg, as Vista works best with 1 to 2 meg memory as it uses a lot more than XP

  Fingees 18:56 18 Feb 08

Sorry meant gigs of course.

  Newuser3605 20:28 18 Feb 08

I had this problem ( or similar) and the solution was to reset DMA from PIO or something. You can find it under Jerky Video Playback.

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