Sound Card for Windows 7 64bit

  Madrat 23:24 29 Dec 11


Can anyonsuggestst a "cheepsound cardrd that works properly with Windows 7 home premium 64bit.

I have tried 2 so far with poor to disastrousouse results.

First was my faithfull C-Meedia 8738 LX with the downloaded drivers from C-media. It worked but half the functions were not there and it made the system almost 90 seconds slower to start up.

Next came Sound Blaster Audigy 24bit. Windows installed it but it didnt work. Downloaded drivers from Creative and it worked then there was an update for it and the PC crashed. Tryed again without the update and all was fine for a few days (although most of the features were missing) then it started to sound like a CD was stuck when playing sounds and I had to reboot every time it did this, then once again it crashed the PC. These were both PCI cards.

I'm now using a 99p external sound dongle but it dosnt work with speekers only headphones.

I'm now hesitant to buy anything. The cheepest sound card I have seen that Microsoft recomend for windows 7 64bit is the Creative SoundBlaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio PCI-Express - OEM at £35 but I'm reluctant espeshialy as its really a re branded Audigy and not a true X-Fi.

So can anyone help? Has anyone experianced the same problems?

  northumbria61 14:11 30 Dec 11

Maybe you just need the codecs pack - Download and Install from here enter link description here

  ICF 16:15 30 Dec 11

One from the ASUS range

I have This one one and it works no problems with w7 64bit

  Zeppelyn 01:27 31 Dec 11

Creative SoundBlaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio PCI-Express, I have one of these fitted and works perfectly wirh Win 7 Home Premium x64 on an Asus board. What board do you have, most come with onboard audio.

I've also used the Asus card in a client's PC without any issues.

I currently have one of these on order for another client who wanted to use 5.1 speakers with his PC as cheaply as possible, and also have optical connectors on the card. I'm expecting it to arrive tomorrow, so if you wish I can let you know how the install goes? He is also running Windows 7 x64.

Sorry having just double checked, the Asus card that I used was this one (a little bit cheaper).

The £9 Xenta card works fine. All the features are available (including sound effects etc).

Only issue I have with it (which probably won't be relevant to you) is that the optical in port does not support Dolby Digital - only stereo.

  Madrat 15:03 01 Jan 12

Hi, sorry for the delay in answering, have been away for new year and had no internet. I'm using a Abit AW9D. the on board sound card for that doesn't work very well for 7 so that is why I'm looking for a new one. Which Xenta card do you mean? Do the ones you have mentioned come with the correct drivers on the CD?

This one. Yes, it came with a mini CD with drivers on it.

  Madrat 16:36 02 Jan 12

excellent I will git it a go

OK. Be aware that it still uses a C-Media chip, and hence C-Media drivers, but they worked flawlessly as far as I could tell.

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