sound card problems(sb live)

  >steve< 18:07 13 Nov 05

i have had my sound card installed now for about 3 months untill now no problems then thismorning booted up and no sound tried rebooting no good tried reinstalling mediasource software this kept crashing then tried unistalling kept crashing then sytem restore.system restore successfull tried to load mediasource software now i get a message saying windows cannot open application try reinstalling software.(but ive done that arhgg!)please help

  Sans le Sou 18:15 13 Nov 05

All I can suggest is try it in safe mode, this software can be awkward, have you got the latest version from creative.

  >steve< 18:22 13 Nov 05

tried it in safe mode all i got was a page full of windows writing so i had to boot normally but my system is very unstable at the moment and yes i have latest software.

  Sans le Sou 18:25 13 Nov 05

Clean install looms its ugly head then.

  woodchip 18:26 13 Nov 05

Take the sound card out to see if it will boot

  >steve< 18:42 14 Nov 05

took the sound card out rebooted no problems iv now got sound but when i click on mediasource player windows says can not open file, reinstall software so i did and it still the same when i reinstalled i clicked on repair is this where im going wrong do i need to do a fresh install.verry please.

  >steve< 19:08 14 Nov 05

oh yes i forgot to say when i unistall mediasource it gets half way through then crashes my pc.

  woodchip 19:09 14 Nov 05

Try the card in another slot

  >steve< 19:13 14 Nov 05

it seems im stuck i can not uninstall to do a clean install and all my system restore points have disappeared.

  >steve< 19:19 14 Nov 05

it seems the hardware sorted it self out when i put it back in and rebooted now it seems it is software problem but as you have probably read in my previous posts every time i try to reinstall the software it crashes my pc.

  GaT7 19:33 14 Nov 05

Prior to install have you tried turning off software (sw) running in the background? This would mainly be antivirus, firewall & antispyware (like MS Antispyware).

If still no joy, try downloading the latest sw afresh, as you may be trying to install from a corrupted file.

Also, I think a Mediasource installation will fail or not install properly unless the Creative sound drivers are installed first (please ignore if not applicable). G

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