Sound Card Problems

  Jlen 23:05 06 Mar 07

I'm using my dads log on as I'm needing advice.

Last night my system crashed because of a fault in a windows system file. I then had to re-install windows. However although most of the drivers were missing, however I have recovered most of them. but my sound card does not seem to be working.

I have the installation disk for it but when it tries to install the drivers there is some error that comes up with about a file in the windows temp folders that either not there or its not working with it. Since I have reinstalled windows I know that there should be no corrupt files. Before with this sound card it worked fine.

Its a Creative Professional E-MU sound card.

It would be a great help if I would be able to fix this as I am doing Sound Engineering at College and need this sound card for my work.


  Jlen 23:07 06 Mar 07

oh and its a Dell Dimension 3100 system that I am running

  Ho-Lin-Sok 10:59 07 Mar 07

Do you not have a recovery option on a disc supplied with the computer, or you can contact Dell, they may be able to send you one.

  Terry Brown 11:39 07 Mar 07

Try going to control panel, system, hardware,device manager.
Check for any Yellow questions marks and resolve those.
Select the sound card and uninstall, re-start your computer and it should find new hardware (sound card), allow it to run.This should solve the problem.

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