Sound card- half works

  Base Delta Zero 14:47 25 May 05

I have just installed a creatibe SB live 24 bit and it seems to work.... In the creative control centre, and windows sound, it is configured as 5.1 sound. In the creative bit, when you test the speakers, you can hear all of the speakers. In games, desktop, media player etc though, only the front two speakers and the subwoofer work.If i swap around the plugs for the front speakers and rear speakers, only the rear ones work then, instead of just the front. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling etc, but i still only get two speakers working. The sound port can't be broken, since it works in the creative control panel. Please help!

  Base Delta Zero 14:57 25 May 05

never mind... After restarting the pc 3 more times, it suddenly decided it would work?!

  wee eddie 15:27 25 May 05

Amazing how many times that I have sweated over some problem or other. Only to find that a Reboot solves it.

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