sound card

  sms 09:15 18 Apr 07

My sound card has stopped working. I have treid everything. The phone jack, driver update, new codecs but still the same. can sound cards fail ?

  eedcam 09:27 18 Apr 07

have you just done a windows auto update this can cause probs .Also try a system restore. If you have done an auto update disable auto updates and do manual ones.

  johnnyrocker 09:34 18 Apr 07

you could also delete in device manager re boot and allow machine to re install.


  Diemmess 09:53 18 Apr 07

Sound cards can fail, but not often.

If your motherboard has integrated sound, check in the BIOS that the onboard sound is disabled.

A plodding way if you only have sound by courtesy of a separate card and nothing on the motherboard, is to uninstall it, disable it in Control Panel, and reboot from cold.
Depending on which version of Windows (XP ?) the computer should rediscover the card and find the drivers for it.

  Stuartli 09:57 18 Apr 07

You have, presumably, checked out Sounds and Audio Devices from Control Panel and also the Volume icon's configuration to ensure that no inputs/outputs have been inadvertently Muted?

  sms 11:19 18 Apr 07

Thanks all, seemed to have tried all you have suggested except uninstall sound card and reinstall. thats my next step although the device manager says this is working fine. I have thought about installing another sound card but the pc is a shuttle unit and not sure if there is a free port/slot

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