podlod 07:24 13 May 09

Hi, i have played recently 2 or 3 games for approx a couple of hours on my pc, and removed each game when changing over as not to have to many games downloaded, with no saves only the game I am playing.
Prob being is that after a couple of hours the characters speech tends to break up intermittently and gets worse as I continue the play. I was wondering if it is anything to do with my CPU or the cooling system fan? any ideas please.

  eedcam 08:50 13 May 09

Just a guess but though you dont save anything whilst playing is there perhaps some Cache or buffer system which perhaps builds up until mayeb you restart the Pc. I would look at your CPU Useage and Memory useage as you play each game and see if any change when you get to the troublespot.

  podlod 10:05 17 May 09

Hi, I had the pc engineer here yesterday to go over my pc, but he says that it is in perfect order, and he personally thinks it is the new game, it has loads of bugs, which he maybe right.

  Bob The Blob 10:21 17 May 09

What is the game?

  podlod 13:08 18 May 09

The game being Empire Total war.

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