ace121pk 23:33 25 Jan 04

I have a Tiny PC i reinstalled windows ME after i had an error on boot which said a certain file cannot be found, since i reinstalled i cant get any sound, i think i have a Creative Labs Sound Blaster PCI 128 sound card on board, i tried downloadin the drivers and installing, but it doesnt work, no sound can anyone help?

  johnnyrocker 23:36 25 Jan 04

you need to start first off in device manager and look for question marks or exclamation marks which will point you towards your probs.


  smegs 23:37 25 Jan 04

Have U mad sure it's not muted? Have U any yellow !? in Device manager?

  ace121pk 23:40 25 Jan 04

yes i have a yellow ? mark in the device manager, wot should i do?

  smegs 23:41 25 Jan 04

Delete it, reboot Ur PC. Make sure U have the drivers. If windows don't pick it up, reinstall the drivers for Ur sound card.

  woodchip 23:47 25 Jan 04

Delete it but do not reboot sorry but go to Add New Hardware Wizard and let it search for the hardware then when it prompts you click have disc and point it to the unzipped files that you downloaded

  ace121pk 23:47 25 Jan 04

i have already tried that, doesnt work, in the Device status box its says 'the NTKERN.VXD, MMDEVLDR.VXD Device loaders(s) for this device coul not load the device driver. (Code 2).'

What does this mean?

  smegs 23:52 25 Jan 04

Have U been to the Creative Labs site for the drivers??

  ace121pk 23:53 25 Jan 04

yes i have

  smegs 23:55 25 Jan 04

Have U tried woodchips response??

  ace121pk 00:14 26 Jan 04

yep tried it, again and again

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