S.O.S (save our sanity) XP prblems

  I-W 16:56 20 Oct 03

Iv had to re-install windows xp because of some problems i had which got rid of some but caused others (AAAAGGGGH!) which are as follows:-
1) The floppys not working. Its all installed and the comp recognize's it when i go into hardware, but not when i go int "my computer" or insert a floppy.
2) I cannot create a restore point. When i try i get the following message "the procedure entry point system restroe point could not be located in the dynamic link libary WINSTA dll" Can anyone explain in step by step instructions how to sort these prblems.
And if you can do that maybe you could explain how a bird can fly but a fly cant bird (only kidding)

  spikeychris 17:07 20 Oct 03

Winstadll prob click here and get service pack 1A or search for the sr.inf file which is normally located in C:\windows.
Make sure you search hidden files in your search criteria.
Right-click on the sr.inf file and select the install option.

Re: FDD un-install it from device manager and re-boot.


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