Sorting folders in windows

  Bike-it 23 Jun 12

Can i set my folders in my documents library so it displays the folders that have been created recently without having to click on folder date modified.

  robin_x 23 Jun 12

Open Documents. Right click almost anywhere.

Select Sort by/More..

Enable Date Created for the extra Details column.

Is that what you are getting at?

  Bike-it 23 Jun 12

If i am on photobucket and want to upload photos from my documents library bluetooth folder it opens up all my photos there, but for me to get the most recent photos i have to click on folder date modified, but can i not set this so i dont have to click folder etc

  robin_x 24 Jun 12

Ah,I see what you mean...the browse Window always sorts by Name instead of Date, even if a direct Windows Explorer window remembers to Sort by Date.

Sorry, I don't know a solution.

  lotvic 24 Jun 12

Do you mean in W7 Libraries? Libraries is not an actual folder it is more like an index. I don't profess to know a lot about W7 Libraries but I would think you would have to go to the actual Folder and have that set to sort by date modified instead of a-z or whatever it is at mo', so that when you click on folder in W7 Libraries it shows up that way.

  rdave13 24 Jun 12

Always create your own folders for music, documents and photos/videos. That way Windows can't confuse you. Create a destination folder and when you upload photos from your camera or download docs or music, use your own created folders with your own specific name. You'll be allowed specific folders to download to if you select browse instead of the default.


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