Sorting In Excel

  dazwm 12:15 19 Dec 06

I have several columns with data in. When I want to sort by a specific column which contains numbers it won't do as I want it. Instead of going 1, 2, 4 etc it goes 1, 10, 110, 2, 220, 45 etc. How do I change this so it goes in number order please?

  I am Spartacus 12:21 19 Dec 06

One way is to format the cells with a custom format e.g. 00000 then the sort should work but I bet VoG has a better way:o)

  I am Spartacus 12:26 19 Dec 06

Oh, and you can remove the custom format after sorting.

  QuizMan 12:28 19 Dec 06

Excel is assuming that the cells contain text, not numbers. You will need to format the cells as numbers.

  dazwm 12:32 19 Dec 06

Quizman your suggestion doesn't work. Thanks anyway.

  WonderMum 13:18 19 Dec 06


Do the columns that you want to sort have both text and numbers in them?

  dazwm 13:38 19 Dec 06

Yes they do, however this particular column just has numbers in it.

  VoG II 13:41 19 Dec 06

As said above, the 'numbers' are stored as text. Select the cells, Format > Cells and change to Number.

  dazwm 13:59 19 Dec 06

I have done that and to no avail they just list 1 , 11 , 110 , 1000 then 2 etc

  VoG II 14:04 19 Dec 06

OK, try this. In another column in row 1 enter


(change A to the letter of the actual column).

then copy the formula down as far as needed. Try sorting by that new column.

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