Sorry not on Win 98 1stEd

  Martyn23 21:54 17 Jun 05

Just been told that my desktop (Win 98 1st Ed) will not be able to connect to a Wireless router as the packages of the devices al say Win 98SE as a minimum.
I do have a laptop with XP complete with FI FI card (802g). Is there any way round this as at present I have to turn off the Cable modem and swap the lead from the win 98 desktop to the laptop and then power up again to pick up the Ip address.

If necessary I will move all broadband to the laptop for convenience. If that is the case any recommendations for a simple (like me) unit with idiot proof set up.


  Strawballs 00:23 18 Jun 05

If it will not connect "wireless" will it connect via a wire as wireless routers come wire ports and you can mix wired and wireless.

  Strawballs 00:24 18 Jun 05

If it will not connect "wireless" will it connect via a wire as wireless routers come wire ports and you can mix wired and wireless.

  Strawballs 00:27 18 Jun 05

sorry about double post it came up with error message unable to proccess request so I did it again only to find 2 posts

  Martyn23 09:03 18 Jun 05

Yes, I already connect via a NIC card to my broadband modem. I think the guys in the shop, and I for that matter were puzzled by the description on the box of the wireless routers in that the specification was Win 98SE, ME etc.

I thought that I could use the web browser to set up the router and that I wouldn't need software. If software was needed to configure the unit, then I could solidly connect the new laptop via cable and configure the router through that.

Once completed remove the wire and connect wirelessly with the laptop and then connect cable to the Win98 machine (no software therefore required).

Therefore the Win 98SE specification on the box is only mentioned for the purpose of software required to initially configure the router and not a requirement to run the PC's through the router thereafter.

They were my thoughts, until I went into a famous high street computer shop....

Thanks and regards

  Martyn23 21:12 18 Jun 05

Well I have taken the brave step of buying a Netgear WGR614 wireless router. Although it didn't work initially (due to the DHCP? being turned off). I now have a working Windows 98 machine solidy connected with internet access and with the firewall turned on.
I have just configured the XP laptop and can wirlessly connect through the house.


I did look at the Instructions on the Netgear server and found them to be well written (particularly for someone like me). That helped my decision.

Thanks for your responses.

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