JanaMan 17:47 05 Oct 06

Sorry abnout my inappropriate comments that i made on this site yesterday.

I would like to aplologize and say that I will stop doing it at once.

I will carry on trying to help on this forum wihtout using bad language

BTW i am not a Microsoft fanboy
to say the truth i am happy with all the oses. but i dont like the way people always moan on and on about the Windows operating system. The people that do say things like - Microsoft just plainly copies Mac OS or that microsoft's WGA is just a waste of time etc etc. But i am also sorry about calling that man who made that article names and things.

Sorry Peeps

  Diodorus Siculus 18:37 05 Oct 06

I don't know what you said or where, but it's not often we see someone being adult enough to apologise. Makes a pleasant surprise!

  mattyc_92 18:38 05 Oct 06

I second that Diodorus Siculus

  JanaMan 18:47 05 Oct 06

No i really mean it - and i didnt read the forum rules either which was totally my fault and i am wrong so i shud apologize - Really i mean it - I will change the way i behave on this forum from now on

  anskyber 18:50 05 Oct 06

In view of your obvious conversion on this particular road to Damascus (no I am not religious) I withdraw my comment on the thread you refer to. You are obviously not "an escaped loony".

  lisa02 18:57 05 Oct 06


I am quite impressed that you showed the maturity to appologise, not many would do it!

I read and responded to one of your posts earlier both mine and yours where deleted by the FE, gladly!

We aren't blindly prejudiced against any company or software. We try to debate the merits of each by sticking to opinions based on facts and our experiences with them. This enables others to make their minds up fairly about the products or services in question.

As for debating - attack their opinion and not them personally.

Welcome to the forums!!!

  lisa02 19:00 05 Oct 06

Challenge their opinion and do not attack them personally.

  JanaMan 19:02 05 Oct 06

nope not an escaped loony - i overreacted - I cant stand it wen peopl criticise other peoples work - when someone has spent years and years to get to the point they are at ( Microsoft) by using feed back and complaints.

Well - i have obviously learnt from this mainly because i know that i can do better and that im not really a bad person.

Well all i want to do on the forum is to contribute and help - And somtimes get help.

Thanks for your comments about my writing yesterday
Its made me realize!!!!

  anskyber 19:08 05 Oct 06

I tried to find it too, without success, so the Fe's silver mouse must have struck out my post as well.

On to the next exchange of views!

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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