Sony Vaio will not stay awake

  AlanPhipps 13:58 12 Sep 12

I have a new i5 Vaio and I have attached a CCTV system to it. I need it to remain always on, and have disabled the Windows 7 Hibernation, Sleep and power settings which would normally turn it off. however, after about 2hrs it still switches into sleep mode - causing the Cameras to be blacked out. This must be a Sony Software over-ride but I cant find out how to stop it. any ideas please? Alan

  northumbria61 16:52 12 Sep 12

Are you sure it is going in Sleep Mode or just turning OFF the display?

Check in Power Options again - Choose when to turn off display - make sure it is set to NEVER.

  AlanPhipps 18:27 12 Sep 12

Yes, all options set to NEVER. I think Sony has an over-riding Software perhaps and one which is controlling the PC despite my Windows instructions. Thanks for the suggestion though.

  northumbria61 23:10 12 Sep 12

Alan - found this. You may need to re-enable VAIO Power Management enter link description here

Scroll down to see the post from SILK - It appears a Power Management Update may have disabled your Power Management Utility

  AlanPhipps 07:57 13 Sep 12

Hi Northumbria61, Thanks for the suggestion, I will try that and see if we can cure it. As others have said, it is not an easy link to find and a fix which should be offered not automatic I think. Much appreciated though. Alan


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