Sony Vaio will not stay awake

  AlanPhipps 12 Sep 12

I have a new i5 Vaio and I have attached a CCTV system to it. I need it to remain always on, and have disabled the Windows 7 Hibernation, Sleep and power settings which would normally turn it off. however, after about 2hrs it still switches into sleep mode - causing the Cameras to be blacked out. This must be a Sony Software over-ride but I cant find out how to stop it. any ideas please? Alan

  northumbria61 12 Sep 12

Are you sure it is going in Sleep Mode or just turning OFF the display?

Check in Power Options again - Choose when to turn off display - make sure it is set to NEVER.

  AlanPhipps 12 Sep 12

Yes, all options set to NEVER. I think Sony has an over-riding Software perhaps and one which is controlling the PC despite my Windows instructions. Thanks for the suggestion though.

  northumbria61 12 Sep 12

Alan - found this. You may need to re-enable VAIO Power Management enter link description here

Scroll down to see the post from SILK - It appears a Power Management Update may have disabled your Power Management Utility

  AlanPhipps 13 Sep 12

Hi Northumbria61, Thanks for the suggestion, I will try that and see if we can cure it. As others have said, it is not an easy link to find and a fix which should be offered not automatic I think. Much appreciated though. Alan


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