Sony Vaio hard drive replacement

  OhBeardedOne 21 Jun 11

The hard drive in my wife's Sony Vaio is showing every sign of failure and, as the machine is inevitably out of warranty, I'm looking to replace the drive myself. The Toshiba 320gb hard drive is easily accessible and, assuming I can identify and buy the correct replacement, is it simply a matter of changing it and then running the recovery disks, or am I missing something?

  Taff™ 21 Jun 11

If you Clone the disk, assuming the current HDD lasts long enough, everything should be exactly as is. To clone the drive you`ll need to have an external backup drive and the manufacturer of the new drive will probably make a cloning tool available for you.

If the drive fails the recovery disks are your only option but obviously you will need to reinstall all the updates as well as the software installed since the computer was new.

  OhBeardedOne 21 Jun 11

Thanks Taff. Unfortunately the laptop will not boot other than from the recovery disks and it failed a surface scan from the recovery disc tools. Fortunately I had previously backed up all the data when the same problem happened a few weeks ago but I managed a system restore from the recovery discs.

  Taff™ 21 Jun 11

Recovery discs is the only option then!

  OhBeardedOne 21 Jun 11

Can anybody recommend a good online shop for replacement hard drives?

  onthelimit1 21 Jun 11

Amazon link textor for less money from ebay link text


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