Les 00:51 23 Jun 05

Trouble with this too. The word DV IN comes on screen when I put in the Firewire connector - is this what normally happens? I can find no reference in the handbook to this.

I'm having difficulties with Pinnacle Studio 9 too - I'm getting various messages telling me that I haven't connected the Firewire. Any connection between these two things?

A very confusing matter - well it is for me. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

  howard60 08:49 23 Jun 05

I would be running every virus, trojan, spyware detector available if I were you.

  scotty 11:07 23 Jun 05

All cameras with Firewire offer DVout which is used to transfer video files from camera to pc. Some cameras offer DVin which allows you to copy video files from the pc to the camera. (Not all offer this function as Europe imposes taxes on equipment capable of acting as a video recorder.)

Try the Pinnacle forum for information and advice on Studio 9: click here

  Les 16:35 23 Jun 05

Thanks to you both for your replies.

Howard60: My first thought too so I did check, no virus/trojan or anything else harmful. I am running ZoneAlarm and A2Guard - Spybot. Microsoft anit-spy and Adaware for spyware - talk about belt and braces :-)

Scotty: Last October (the last time I edited film and put it back on camera) I wasn't sure whether the Sony had DV In - Sony themselves informed me that it had and how to get it. Unfortunately I have a memory like a leaky collander and I have forgotten What I did at that time to enable the DV IN - 8 months have passed and I come to use firewire again and find that DV In is still enabled and I can't find a single item on the many menus to get it off! Hence, I wondered if when connecting the firewire (which is when the DV IN appears on the camera LCD) that perhaps it requires some alteration on the computer itself. I had already tried a Video Editing Forum, in the Pinnacle portion, and had no response whatsoever. I will try the link that you so kindly provided, thanks.

  Les 16:59 23 Jun 05

Have put a message on their board and am awaiting an amswer.

  Les 16:59 23 Jun 05

Have put a message on their board and am awaiting an amswer.

  Les 16:59 23 Jun 05

Have put a message on their board and am awaiting an amswer.

  john-232317 20:27 23 Jun 05

Try putting a question on here click here

Can you access the menu on the screen of the camera when the firewire is in, maybe you have to switch from in to out in the settings on screen.

  Les 00:26 24 Jun 05

I've tried every setting in the book - to no avail. It keeps telling me to connect to the 1394 port. I'm about to unload Studio 9 again and then reinstall - however, I don't have much faith in that I'm afraid.
Thanks for the link - I'll do that. Failing a solution I'll just have to be satisfied by offloading onto the VCR.

Thanks anyway

  Les 00:31 24 Jun 05

Thanks I'll use that link - trhis is a very confusing camera - the instruction book is anything but clear and nowhere does it mention DV In. I think that, if I don't solve this in the next few days I'll simply forget it and return to putting it straight on the the VCR. I should add that having poor near sight doesn't help matters - nevertheless daddyassa thanks for the effort.

  BRYNIT 00:53 24 Jun 05

Can't find SONY TRV 222E but have found manual for SONY TRV 22E click here If you click on the pdf file, go to page 238 this may be the information yo require.

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