Sony Photo Processing Unit

  pj123 13:31 06 Oct 06

I have a friend who has a fairly large "sell everything, open all hours" type shop.

He has been approached by a salesman offering a Sony Photo Processing Unit. It is a "self service" type machine. Put your own Camera memory card in, select the amount of prints etc and print them out. It uses the Dye Sublimation process so gives really good quality prints.

He has seen a demo and thinks it might be a good buy.

He has asked for my opinion. Unfortunately, I can't find anything about this Unit on the Sony site or Google. Plenty of Sony Dye Sublimation printers ranging from £70 to £150 for printing at home but none for Commercial use.

Does anyone know anything about this unit or can point me in the right direction.

Thank you.

  De Marcus™ 13:43 06 Oct 06

Anything here? click here

  De Marcus™ 13:45 06 Oct 06

Browsing through the products section I came across the snap station, could that be it?

  pj123 14:52 06 Oct 06

Will take me days to look through that lot.

I have asked my friend to contact the Salesman and get some more info from him (like the Sony Model number etc.) At the moment he has no paperwork at all because he has not committed himself. What he did tell me was that you can't get any prints from the machine until you have been to the till and paid. Then a member of staff has to go to the machine and type a code in before you get your prints.

  De Marcus™ 14:59 06 Oct 06

I'll send you a pdf brochure link to what I think your friend has been looking at. Forum rules won't allow me to link directly to the pdf and sony's website won't allow me to post directly to the spec page, even with tinyurl.

  pj123 15:17 06 Oct 06

De Marcus™, thanks. Give it a go.

  De Marcus™ 15:18 06 Oct 06


  pj123 16:38 06 Oct 06

De Marcus™, Thanks. That looks as though it could be the unit he is talking about.

I will ring him later and ask him some more questions.

  pj123 12:31 07 Oct 06

Thanks all. It was, in fact, the Sony SnapLab unit. He has now ordered it. The only snag I can see is: He reckons he would need to charge 39p per print???

Anyway I will tick this as resolved.

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