Sony Laptop wireless woes, help needed

  scruffythedog 11:13 23 Oct 07

Dear all,

I've just bought a Sony Vaio FZ21M laptop for my wife, and I wrongly assumed it would connect seamlessly to the Wireless router we have at home.

Details :

Sony vaio FZ21M with wireless 802.11a/b/g/n adapter

BT voyager 2091 Router (with another laptop/nintendo Wii connected to it)

Now....the new Laptop is running Vista and I'm not too hot on this but the bottom line is it just cannot see the router?!?

It tells me that there is no wireless connection cannot see it ..ever...

I've bought the laptop into work this morning and got it working instantly on the wireless network here, but at home nothing!!!!!!!!
Any ideas ?
Am i being a Muppet? (probably)

I've checked the settings for the router, its got MAC address access only (so it looks like theres no encryption at all)

I've also been into Vista and checked everything is switched on etc..

Any suggestions would be great

  silverous 11:27 23 Oct 07

Have you added your vista machine MAC address to the router's mac list?

Sounds like a daft question but I had trouble with my router for a while because I had added the mac address incorrectly.

  silverous 11:27 23 Oct 07

Also, is your SSID set NOT to broadcast? i.e. maybe you entered it manually on wii and xbox?

  silverous 11:28 23 Oct 07

sorry I meant wii and other laptop.

  scruffythedog 11:29 23 Oct 07

Hi there,
Yes, I've added the MAC address ( I forgot that the first time with my Wii !)
And also SSID is set to NOT broadcast too.

  scruffythedog 11:30 23 Oct 07

Its really weird, as i cannot see it at all?

Yet i've just tried a freinds Laptop and it picked it up straightaway.....

Yet at work it picks it up fine......

  Ashrich 11:32 23 Oct 07

If the SSID is set to NOT broadcast , how do you expect the Vaio to see it ?


  scruffythedog 11:32 23 Oct 07

Sorry for the poor english!

When I say I cannot see it, I mean that the Laptop cannot see the router...

  scruffythedog 11:35 23 Oct 07

Sorry, confusion on my part with the SSID, what I mean is that Security is not switched on, not the SSID.

  Ashrich 11:41 23 Oct 07

If the Sony is connecting to other networks Ok , then the problem is with the wireless router , I would suggest resetting the router , get it reconnected to your ISP , set some wireless security and try reconnecting , can the Wii cope with WPA encryption ?


  scruffythedog 11:52 23 Oct 07

Thanks Ashrich,

I'll try this in a hour when I can get back home.

Update soon, thanks again for the advice guys

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