Sony laptop, can see router but not connect.

  Possumwee 17:48 23 Jun 09


I have recently got a new Sony Laptop, but i cannot connect it to my by homehub.

It can see the router but does not connect. When i try to connect it does the "connecting" loading screen. Then this goes and nothing happens.

I tried setting static ip's, I also installed newer wireless card drivers. Now when i try to connect it says Network may no longer be in range, even when its right next to the router.

Can anyone help me please.



  mgmcc 07:42 24 Jun 09

During your connection attempts, Windows may have saved a 'profile' which doesn't work and is causing problems. Try removing that click here and then go through the procedure to "Connect" again.

  Possumwee 13:21 24 Jun 09

Thanks for the reply.

I tried that before and made a new profile, re-input the SSID and password.

But still to no avail. Ive heard of someone else with a Sony laptop having the same problem.

  Covergirl 12:31 25 Jun 09

I can't see it making much difference though but it might be worth a try.

My initial gut instinct centered on "have you got the laptop wireless switched on?" but you must have or you wouldn't be able to see the BTHH.

My experience with Sony laptops is that they are a bit slow connecting to a BTHH. I think I timed it at 3 minutes which seems like an eternity when the laptop appears to be "ready" after 60-90 seconds.

That's with an "out of the box" install of VHP, AVG installed and noting else.

  ztronicsalien 11:10 26 Jun 09

I do have sony laptop and faced similar problem couple of months back. I faced lots of problem in fixing it, atlast I called the laptop repair and networking expert who fixed it up for me.
So, I would suggest you to contact any professional laptop repair and networking expert.

  trendytot 21:19 27 Jun 09

I had this problem on a toshiba laptop and noticed on the BTHH router page the wirless set up was set to automatic channel i.e ch6. I changed this to manual ch10 and it connected asking for passkey ect with better connectivity.Good luck.

  Possumwee 15:04 30 Jun 09

Thanks for the replys.

I have tried it wired and it works fine. Ill try changing the channel on the router. If i can remember my BTHH log in...

Im a student and so cant really afford a professional to fix it though.

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