Sony HD 5 MP3 - Software will not install

  covers 15:54 10 Sep 05

Just bought - Sonic Stage software installs up to 'Add-Ons' (just before 'Drivers' -almost at the end) and then terminates. I have disabled all anti-virus & spyware & even uninstalled Nero and anything that may be interfering.
I'm going into hospital on Tuesday which is why I bought it.

  patsyanne 16:05 10 Sep 05

Oh bless ,are you trying to downloading the new version 3.1 of sonic stage ?

  patsyanne 16:09 10 Sep 05

click here try here look under multimedia lots of questions on sonicstage problems when you do get it going ok its a good little player

  covers 16:39 10 Sep 05

If I could only install it I'd be happy (well, maybe not if it didn't work) but it won't even do that. How did you do it Patti?

  covers 16:40 10 Sep 05

Sorry for wrong name.

  pj123 16:49 10 Sep 05

Can someone tell me What is Sonic Stage?

  patsyanne 19:03 10 Sep 05

Sonicstage is awful program you have to use to put songs on sony mp3 players it causes a lot of people problems for me my computer crashed all the time .
covers i installed mine ok it was putting the songs on that made the computer crash ,have you tried installing it with out being on the internet ? i have a search for the phione number of Sony they have a help line that i have called up and they are good ,

  patsyanne 19:09 10 Sep 05
  patsyanne 19:13 10 Sep 05

covers is it the new version 3.1 you are trying to install even though you have just bought the player it might be the old version 2 something you have and maybe the 3.1 will install as they have ironed out a lot of faults with the new version . good luck with it i know how annoying it is cause those players are not cheap .

  patsyanne 19:29 10 Sep 05

i dont know if this helps but it seems you have to have - Internet Explorer 5.5 to download sonicstage have a look on the web to see if you can install sonicstage from the internet instead of the disc if thats what you are doing .but make sure its the new version

  patsyanne 19:57 10 Sep 05

click here look i found this ! maybe it might solve your problem .

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