Sony DVD Recorders & Freeview EPG Failing again

  Audio~~Chip 12:28 30 Jul 13

Today again I am having problems with the EPG channel population on my Sony DVD Recorder.

I thought this problem was fixed last week but, seems not.

Anyone else having problems again since this morning. Difference is this time it does not stick on update but just no channels are available and unable to watch any channels for longer than 2 or 3 seconds before it locks to a black screen.

  Peter 18:42 30 Jul 13


I 've just checked my Sony DVD Recorder and the guide appears to be loading okay. Perhaps you should recheck? It might just have been a glitch?


  Audio~~Chip 19:47 30 Jul 13

Hello Peter

Checked it every few hours today and just now and its still playing up with the TV Channels loading in the EPG Programme guide. Also I notice the yellow background behind where it use to be text for the programmes has now changed to a Cyan Bluey colour as if the Aerial reception is down. My Aerial is in the loft and no problem via my TV also a sony Bravia

I will leave the HDD powered on overnight and see what happens to it.

Cheers Steven

  BRYNIT 20:15 30 Jul 13

Could be that some channels have moved and the Sony DVD recorder needs retuning.

  Audio~~Chip 22:54 30 Jul 13

Hello Brynit

Yes, that could be the case. Will go to retune it before I go to bed and post back mid morning. This problems is the same as the other week though when my Recorder went the same as many others.

Just wonder if its not only affecting a smaller number of the Reocrders. Mine is the 995.

Thanks, will post back with update in the morning

Cheers Steven

  Peter 01:35 31 Jul 13


My recorder is a 970, but perhaps this problem has more to do with the Electronic Programme Guide (EPG). This, I imagine, varies from region to region. I'm in London and I don't see the problem at the moment, but maybe the region you are in has a bug in the EPG?


  Audio~~Chip 07:49 31 Jul 13

That could be right Peter, I am in Cheshire over to the East and signal strength test is Good 100% but does seem to stall a bit when i test it.

I noticed that the recorder was doing an update an hour ago in standby mode as it usually does. Will check in and try a retune within the hour.

Re the DVD Disk playback, if you have a film in and stop it half way through, then when you go back to it, does yours pick up from where you last left off or start from the beginning again. Mine use to pick up from the last stop point on DVD's but now it doesn't. Might be because its a BBC TV Comedy chapter DVD ?

Will post back later this morning

Cheers Steven.

  Peter 14:58 31 Jul 13


I've checked the DVD playback and yes it does pick up from where I stopped viewing when I restart the same DVD.


  Audio~~Chip 22:29 02 Aug 13

Hello Peter Thanks for the DVD Playback info.

My DVD Recorder started behaving itself on Wednesday, I didn't do anything to get it back due to been tied up with work. Since then I have searched and read people to blame the Freeview system and not sony for this problem also some Pioneer DVD Recorders were having the same issue.

Note to anyone else who is having stuck in update or no EPG TV guide on there DVD Recorders to not go out and buy a new DVD Recorder. Simply navigate on the Sony website for Sony branded players and select your model and check for the firmware. Though some people might find creating a ISO image difficult it will help if you can update.

Strange though for mine I downloaded v124 it was on v115 and would only let me update to v118

While its working I am happy for now.

Thanks Peter

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