Sony DRU500A

  oswald 13:29 21 Apr 03

I have ordered the Sony DRU500A DVD+/-R/RW. When this arrives can I dispose of my existing DVD-ROM Drive and the CD/RW Drive? Or would it be wise to place the Sony as my third drive? Comments Please.

  -pops- 13:35 21 Apr 03

I would keep them all and use each one for its specific purpose. What I mean is, although the Sony will write CDs, it seems a bit of a waste of its capabilities and it will wear more if you use it for that. Likewise with DVD playback.

I don't have a DVD writer in my current machine but I do have a CDRW, a CD ROM and a DVD ROM and each gets used for its prime purpose and nothing else. When I do get a Sony DRU, it will be an addition to, not a replacement for, the others.


  SEASHANTY 14:35 21 Apr 03

The Sony DRU-500A has been superceded by new model
DW-U10A which has an upgraded writing speed. Cost is £250 inc. VAT. Check it out on the website of CD-RMEDIA at <click here>

  crx16 15:42 21 Apr 03

The Sony DRU-500A has been superceded by the new Sony DRU-500AX,of which the DW-U10A is the OEM version.

i bought the OEM version back in febuaury,it ships without cables,screws,manuals,software or support from Sony.(only £204 inc. at MESH)

oswald,hopefully you can just add the new drive to your available spare connection.there are some issue's with having recorders set as master/slave and being on the same/seperate IDE cable,but there doesn't seem to be any hard and fast rules,more trial and error.

  slaveofconvention 16:53 21 Apr 03

Do you really want to wear out a £200+ drive when you can wear out a £20 one instead? I also run 3 optical drives, CD, DVD and CDRW, and as long as you have the space, I'd recommend it - as for the same IDE cable problem, well that just about on the fly copying - if you're going via the hard disk (usually a better idea anyway IMHO) it shouldnt make a difference.... However, I would probably recommend a setup something like....
HD and DVD on one cable -- CDRW and DVDRW on the other - you arent likely to use the two writers at the same time, and the DVD can act as a source for CD or DVD - alternatively (and my system choice) is extra IDE channels, via onboard or PCI based RAID - i currently have 60 HD's on my primary and secondary masters, CD and DVD on one RAID channel and the CDRW and ZIP on the other. If and when i go with the DVD Writer, i expect it'll take the place of the ZIP on the second RAID channel, and the ZIP (so rarely used i forget its there) will either end up attached to the second hard disk, or the bottom of the wastebin

  Paperback Writer 17:38 21 Apr 03

Having three drives seems a bit of overkill. I've never had an optical drive wear out on me.

  -pops- 18:26 21 Apr 03

OK, perhaps not wearing out but these things are notorious for going wrong. I've have a number of optical drives commit suicide on me.


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