Sony CD Drives

  Phil930 01:53 23 Sep 03

Quick question, are sony cd drives any good compared to Pioneer, Lite On or Plextor? I need to replace both my DVD and Cd-rw drive and am able to get great deals on sony internal cd drives??

the question is, do they make good computer components??

  Gandalph 02:15 23 Sep 03

With a name like Sony it can only be good. I use a Sony CDR/RW with B's Clip software, provided by Sony, for UDF format and B's Gold for direct burning to un-formatted disc's and it has never let me down. I hope this will make you decide. Cheers, :-)

  Megatyte 02:16 23 Sep 03

Sony are Ok, but you will never compare with Plextor.


  Megatyte 02:20 23 Sep 03

Are you Gandalf???


  Gandalph 02:25 23 Sep 03

No I'm not Gandalf, I'm Gandalph.

  Gandalph 02:28 23 Sep 03

And I should have added, 'and have been for the last 2½ years now', you ask Gandalf.

Good night all, it's been a long day. I will catch up with you again later tonight.

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