sony bravia ,hdmi, and loss of sound .

  imintheshed 04 Mar 11

I have just purchased and Sagecom HD freeview recorder when it is turned on and the HDMI is plugged in to the second port (the first carries BT vision )on the TV the sound is ok until I change channels .I have tried everything removing the vision using hdmi ports 1,2and 3 but the problem remains. I have to turn the device off and on again and the sound comes on, change channels sound goes off again.Originally I was going to return the box as faulty ,but,
Luckily I have a smaller Sony Bravia in the kitchen and the Sagecom freeview box works ok out there,and it seems to respond to the remote faster ? .So its not the box
I have read somewhere about "handshake ".

Any ideas? thanks in advance

  Ex plorer 07 Mar 11

Hi check and see if there is a firmware up-date for your model Sagecom HD Free-view recorder.

  bionicle 07 Mar 11

Is there an option with your TV to scan for HDMI connected devices? Look for 'HDMI' controller on the TV setup and let it scan to link with the freeview box.

  wee eddie 07 Mar 11

I have noticed Web Postings relating to a problem with Windows 7 and HDMI Sound. Don't know any more about it. You'll have to troll/Google for the threads yourself.

  imintheshed 07 Mar 11

thanks for your replies .I definately think its a "handshake" issue with the Hdmi lead from the Sagemcom box and the Bravia TV .If I disconnect the lead and replug it back in the sound is restored .yet on the other TV its ok all the time .Will google handshake issues see what happens.The problem is the TV is probably out of warrenty etc .SO I cannot take it back ......
yes I do have a Hdmi "scAN FOR devices" but it never finds anything .Which is a bit worrying as I have a vision box plugged in via Hdmi and that works fine I have and can download Hi DEF film from BT .
thanks again


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