SonicStage Queries.

  TOMSTEPHENSON1 08:39 01 Sep 05

I have the 3.1 version of Sony's SonicStage. Everything seems to be straight forward.
However, I am looking to import my entire CD collection into the SonicStage Library and there will not be enough space on my hard drive to accomplish this. I wanted to use an external hard drive to store my library but there seems to be no facility to store the library anywhere but within the program on the hard drive.
Has anyone got any advise here please?
Another possibility would be to install the program on the external hard drive but I am not sure if I can do this?

  PC Bilbo 08:49 01 Sep 05

If you create files on your main drive, could you not
"drag and drop " files onto external drive? This is how a normally back up my important stuff.

  TOMSTEPHENSON1 09:57 01 Sep 05

I can only access the linbrary files through the program. (Can find them on the hard drive). The program only lets me tranfer the files to cds or mp3 player not to anywhere else.

  patsyanne 10:27 01 Sep 05

I had so many problems with sonicstage i think now because of a program called incd i had on my computer but now i am using Vaio and doing drag and drop using that instead .

  TOMSTEPHENSON1 11:30 01 Sep 05

is that the computer name vaio or a program pls

  patsyanne 16:06 01 Sep 05

Sorry i been shopping .its the program vaio but is still to do with sony i could find the link through "my postings " but thats off bounds at the moment i look else where and post straight back .

  patsyanne 16:12 01 Sep 05

click here there it is ,i dont know why but if you never have put sonicstage on your computer it doesnt work but if you uninstall sonicstage it does !and it works with sonicstage on as well .

  TOMSTEPHENSON1 18:19 01 Sep 05

many thanks, I'll give it a try

  dexstar 19:22 01 Sep 05

The library will be found in something like
c:/windows/programs/sonic stage/shared/library
OR SIMILAR!! I aint saying thats where they are kept, but I've done it before.
I think 3.1 can compress them down into WMA files so you might get them all on if you select that option on transfer.
I've taken it off my PC for the time being.

  TOMSTEPHENSON1 09:11 09 Sep 05

sorted thanks

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