Sonicstage Licensing Info Cannot Be Retrieved

  dottm 25 Apr 07

I recently formatted my computer and re-installed everything, when i installed sonicstage i went to import all my files i have on a seperate partition.

However when i now go to play them im presented with an error saying

"Cannot play this track because the licensing information cannot be found. Please contact the source who you recieved this media from"

Is there anyway i can get round this as it is all my cd's that i copyed on the computer and really dont want to have to copy them all on again.

Any help would be much appreciated,

Thanks in advance

  ArrGee 26 Apr 07

Look at item 1 on Digital Rights Management

click here

  dottm 26 Apr 07

So there is no way i can play it, its the same computer just been formatted

  ArrGee 26 Apr 07

What version of SoncicStage do you have?

  ArrGee 26 Apr 07

(SonicStage even)

  dottm 26 Apr 07

4.3 i believe

  Kate B 26 Apr 07

Did you register the software? That might help. I suggest emailing customer support and explaining and giving them your registration details.

  ArrGee 26 Apr 07

Are all your music files saved as ATRAC?

  dottm 26 Apr 07

Yeah all music files are saved as ATRAC

  ArrGee 26 Apr 07

I'm still having a look around for you, but not much luck.

As a shot in the dark, try using this on one of the ATRAC music files to comvert it to MP3 or WMA, then drag it into SonicStage and see if it works:

click here

  ArrGee 26 Apr 07

Also there is a trial version of a DRM removal tool available here:

click here

But I'm not sure what the restrictions are on the trial version.


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