Sometimes my PC just won't start

  plsndrs3 16:59 01 Sep 04

emachine 3220 2.8 processor 80GB HDD all as supplied [no upgrades]. Running XP home & connecting via Cell Pipe BB modem, routed through a Belkin router to a laptop.

After making sure no activity for a few minutes I have to depress start button [several times] disconnect/reconnect power supply [a few times] then it just seems to boot on it's own. The only thing that is happening when the system is 'dead' is that the CDRW light blinks about once a second. [Using Nero 5.5 on this, if that helps]. Norton cannot see anything wrong, Spybot, AVG all up to date & clear. Registry clear and I guess windows is OK or else it would never boot.

Sygate is my 'new' firewall - I had the problem before - and this does take a while to load. Windows can be up & operational for a good minute before the tray icon appears. Until then, all internet traffic is blocked.

I'm lost - other than doing a full re-install, which I'd rather not! Any ideas?


  rawprawn 17:49 01 Sep 04

First check that all your connections inside your computer are properly seated, after that try a system file check go to Start/Run/type sfc /scannow. you may need your OS disc. I'm not sure if this is the answer, but if nobody with a better idea posts, it' worth a try.

  woodchip 18:16 01 Sep 04

Is there a CD or DVD in the drive when this happens if so try removing it as it sounds like a CD read problem

  plsndrs3 18:43 01 Sep 04

rawprawn - have just run sfc /scannow. Must admit that I had overlooked this as I get the thing to load windows eventually - and sometimes even straight away [?]

woodchip - No CD or DVD in the drive - I always remove them before turning the PC off [although I also thought along those lines & have just caught myself checking the drive yet again anyhow!]

I'll see what happens as it is a random problem. otherwise, I guess I'll have to take the case off & check the connections - better than a full install. Maybe there's a dodgy IDE cable or power lead ......

Thanks for your suggestions


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