Something rotten /corrupt?

  Stowit 11:56 16 Jul 04

My pc booted up & the post screen was all gobledegook - Eg instead of saying Phonex Bios it says PPPPPhhonudd Lios, or the like. It went into Windows, that was similar nonsense, & froze. I rebooted several times, until it booted ok. I ran my antivirus then scan disk. No viruses found & no bad sectors. A few days later the same thing happened. Anyone know what's happening.

  AndySD 12:30 16 Jul 04

It may be you have a virus in the BIOs but I suspect it may just be the Motherboard battery is failing...Since they only cost a couple of Pounds try changing this first.

  Scillonia 12:31 16 Jul 04

Initial thought was bios battery failing, but I am not convinced, as it is affecting the o\s. Have it got on board graphics?

  Stowit 13:37 16 Jul 04

Yes, on board - it's a laptop. I'm now unsure about the 'windows' 'freeze, I have had some problems, & I'm not sure if I'm confusing them! It was over a week ago, & can't remember the exact sequence of events. Since the nonsense If the post screen is 'wonkey' I just switched off & rebooted. The flat battery sounds good as it's several years old & never been changed. I'll change the battery & re-post if it doesn't work. Thanks for the help.

  Graham ® 14:07 16 Jul 04

You'll have to find it first! (It may not even have one).

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