Something Is Downloading...

  XFX 18:46 10 Oct 03

My firewall is indicating that something is constantly downloading on to my PC at 1.2k. I have done a virus scan, no virus. I have run both Spybot and adaware, Both have given the all clear.
So what is down loading on to my PC? Where do I go to find out and how do I stop it?
I have also tried turning my E-mail client off as well. but something is downloading onto my PC.

can you help?

  Jester2K II 18:48 10 Oct 03

Go through you list of application that you have allowed through the firewall and stop them in turn. When the downloading has stopped you have you culprit.

However i think it'll turn out to be normal Internet background trafic...

  XFX 19:05 10 Oct 03

I have blocked all the applications in my firewall and still the downloading continues. How can I find out what it is?


  woodchip 19:13 10 Oct 03

Have you got XP auto update activated

  hugh-265156 19:15 10 Oct 03

are you on broadband?

your download light will be on quite a lot but as jester says above it will probally just be your isp checking you are still there.

  XFX 19:20 10 Oct 03

No I haven't got the auto update activated.

Yes I am on broadband, have been for 10 months, But I am sure the traffic indicator on my Firewall(Sygate Pro)wasn't constantly on until today.

  hugh-265156 19:30 10 Oct 03

update your av and run it

download click here update it and run it too.remove all it finds.

test your firewall click here click the ShieldsUP!! Services tabs

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