Is someone using my wireless network

  jaimie 20:35 09 Jul 06

Does anyone know how I can find out if anyone is using my wireless network at home, aside from watching the lights blink on my D Link router and wireless access point. I have a D Link DWL 2000 AP+ connected to my wired router to enable my laptop to connect, as far as I know only one device at a time can connect to a wireless access point, is this correct?



  josie mayhem 20:46 09 Jul 06

would depend on your router, mine I can have upto 10 wireless connections.

  ade.h 20:52 09 Jul 06

Any decent router can - in theory - accept upto 253 wireless connections. Why do you ask?

  jaimie 21:00 09 Jul 06

The lights on my router and on my wireless access point flash when I am not connected to it. I just thought maybe someone has connected. I am using WAP with a complex password.


  ade.h 21:03 09 Jul 06

How come you have no security in place then??!!

  ade.h 21:04 09 Jul 06

If you are acutally using WPA (you say WAP, but I'll assume that's what you meant) then no-one can possibly really be snooping....

  jaimie 21:08 09 Jul 06

Sorry, I did mean WPA, thanks for reassuring me.

Kind regards


  Taff™ 23:48 09 Jul 06

D-Link Router lights do blink even if you are not actually using the computer. If the computer is on various programs are continuously sending information tothe router - mainly to check the connection.

If you go into the router admin pages and look under the status tab (I think) you`ll see a link to DHCP Connections. Click that and you`ll see the computers attached. You could also check the Log to see when various computers actually connected.

As ade.h suggested I wouldn`t worry about it too much.

  Batch 11:43 10 Jul 06

I agree that it probably isn't anything to worry about. But to reassure yourself, have you tried looking at the router's status?

With my 3com one this is accessible via an IP address in my browser.

For example, under LAN Settings, I can see the DHCP client list and the associated MAC addresses - and they're all mine!!! BTW, DHCP hands out IP addresses to the connected devices unless you have used fixed IP addresses.

  josie mayhem 01:10 11 Jul 06

Just to ad here, even though you may not be actualy using the inter net yourself, there is information that is being sent and recieved too maintain cinection, in the case of the wireless this would be interaction between the recievers, and the other talk between you and your ISP, this would normanly be a slight blinking of your net status...

as they talk while your are connected, the only time you really need to need to be concerned is if you have yor network/stateus light completly full on and you aren't doing anything, and if at the end of the day you have WAp enabled the you have no worries at all..

  josie mayhem 01:12 11 Jul 06

And I hpe that I don;t have to retype my later posting.... will learn to prove read before clicking.....

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