Someone is Port Scanning my PC

  Arokh. 17:16 09 Jun 03

For the past week now I have been playing on Gamespy Online, playing Bridge Commander for example, well my firewall is Sygate and everytime I play online someone is scanning my pc, or trying to, I am not to sure on that, I know their IP Address but Sygate is unable to find out who it is, Is there any way of finding out, via some kind of programe, not exactly another Firewall, but some sort of Utility.

Regards Orokh

  hugh-265156 17:18 09 Jun 03

if your playing online then you will be scaned by the other computer.

its just checking that you are still there.

  Gaz 25 17:18 09 Jun 03

click here

It doesnt matter anyway, I have always worried, but your firewall is blocking them so you are OK.

  -pops- 17:19 09 Jun 03

click here

Don't worry too much - it shows that your firewall is working!


  hugh-265156 17:20 09 Jun 03

go to click here and test the firewall

if its ok then just turn off the annoying alerts

  Arokh. 18:57 09 Jun 03

Thanks to All, I have found out that a company called Rogers Cable Inc in Toronto Canada is the guilty party, I don't know why they would want to scan my pc, More likely they are a cable company, like Telewest and someone who is registered with them is abusing the ISP, I will investigate more later, but Thanks for sending me in the right direction.

Regards Oz

  -pops- 19:04 09 Jun 03

I wouldn't let it bother you. When I had the misfortune to be using McAfee firewall it was constantly telling me I was being attacked by multiple German companies. It was worse when I was on this forum. I found out that these companies were just the ones that organise this forum and its advertising.

What did I do? I chucked out McAfee, installed Outpost and never had any problems since. There were some other reasons for discarding McAfee. I don't miss its constant intrusion into my internet use one bit.


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