someone plz help me

  stephen1978 20:41 30 Jul 09

where do i start lol

my sisters got a TOSHIBA PORTEGE M700 LAPTOP

the problem is shes forgot the password and does'nt no wat to do the laptop does'nt have a cd-rom but ive got a external dvd drive but i cant seem to get it to boot up 1st does anyone no wat i can do to sort the problem ????

  DieSse 20:43 30 Jul 09

"shes forgot the password"

Strictly speaking the forum doesn't help with password circumvention - for obvious reasons.

What password has she forgotten?

  stephen1978 20:46 30 Jul 09

the one after the windows logo i thik it's the login password where it says her name

  DieSse 20:53 30 Jul 09

If she has to type this in every time she starts her computer - how on earth can she forget it??

  stephen1978 20:54 30 Jul 09

shes been on hoilday lol

can i get the usb-dvd rom to boot 1st ????

  Woolwell 22:20 30 Jul 09

The cynic in me says that you are trying to get into your sister's laptop without her knowledge. I may be wrong but this is why the forum rules don't allow us to assist with passwords.

If it is Vista it gives a prompt.

  stephen1978 22:35 30 Jul 09

listen i dont want to get into my sisters laptop we dont even live in the same house she needs to use it for work and cant remember the password

can i boot the laptop for a sd card ???? if so how can i put an iso image on to the sd card ??

  DieSse 23:12 30 Jul 09

"she needs to use it for work and cant remember the password"

Why do I find that so unlikely?

Your sister could take it herself to a computer repair shop and convince them, if she cares to. Should be worth her while if she uses it for work.

  stephen1978 23:26 30 Jul 09

listen pal mind wat ur saying are you trying o emply something coz if u are dont beat around the bush just say wat you gotta say

  Graham. 23:40 30 Jul 09

This PC has a DVD drive.

  Zeppelyn 00:03 31 Jul 09

Surely if its a work computer then whoever looks after them should be able to recover or reset the password for her.

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