Someone keeps sending me Viruses.Can I trace them?

  BIGBAGGY 15:55 08 Sep 03

I keep receiving Viruses from someone. The address they are coming from though is MY domain name. They are coming quite regularly now is there anyway I can find out who is sending them?

  struggle8 15:59 08 Sep 03

is it buy email if so have you checked out the message sorce

  BIGBAGGY 16:19 08 Sep 03

Yes it is by email and how do I check the source? If you mean just looking at who it is from then it is supposedley being sent from myself. (my domain)

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:28 08 Sep 03
  BIGBAGGY 19:35 08 Sep 03

...oh I forgot to mention the Virus name is

  Valvegrid 19:42 08 Sep 03

That's providing the senders not female!

Have you tried sending them to your ISP abuse@(yourdomain).com and let them have the worry of sorting it out?

  BIGBAGGY 20:00 08 Sep 03

HA HA...never thought it could be female right enough. I might send them to my ISP and see what happens.

  john-232317 21:40 08 Sep 03

If its anything like virgin abuse, then it will be sweet F A..

  BIGBAGGY 22:05 08 Sep 03

who ever it is is just wasting there time cos obviously I check it before opening attachments but I would like to know who and why.

  BIGBAGGY 22:06 08 Sep 03

oh...and how do they manage to make the mail look as if it came from me?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:09 08 Sep 03

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