Some Win 98 problems

  The Teacher 22:26 04 Feb 04

Some of you may recall that a while ago I posted about my father's PC which runs Win 98. That problem is solved but another one has developed!

The task bar at the bottom of the screen is huge. I have had to put it into the mode where it disappears unless you hold the cursor over it.

The facility to shrink the task bar is there, i.e. the two way arrow, but it will not move at all. How can we get the task bar to "normal" size, i.e just appx. 1-1.5cm high?

I also put Norton SystemWorks 2000 on the PC, it works fine, except that the icon for it is shown as a huge taskbar on the right hand side of the screen instead of the normal icon in the bottom taskbar, like mine. Does anyone know how this can be rectified?

He also has MS Office 2000 on the PC and this is fine, except for the fact that in Word, the screen is background is blue and the font is in red. I have tried to alter the colours using the facilities available in Word but the alterations will not take. I have a book on Word 2000 but cannot find the answer except using as above. Does anyone know how to solve this, as it is driving my father crazy?

Many Thanks

The Teacher

  Indigo 1 22:30 04 Feb 04

Was it you who was trying to increase the sizes of icons and stuff on the desktop for someone with failing sight ?

I'm wondering if that has something to do with your problem.

  VoG II 22:30 04 Feb 04

For the last one, do a search for NORMAL.DOT and rename it to ABNORMAL.DOT (or whatever). Then start Word.

  gold 47 22:32 04 Feb 04

Is your tool bar locked right click the tool bar to show if it is if so uncheck it.

  The Teacher 20:54 05 Feb 04

Not me Indigo, ta anyway.

Thanks to others, will try them on Saturday and post up then. Further suggestions from anyone else welcome.

The Teacher

  smegs 21:31 05 Feb 04

Task bar, put your cursor over it, goto the top bar so your cusor turns into two arrows. You should now be able too ajust the Task Bar up and down. SystemWorks 2000, again goto one of the lines around the box and you can ajust it that way.

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