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Some vba questions

  Josquius 15:41 02 Mar 05

1: What value is no on yes no boxes, I always thought it was 7 but this has stopped working...
2: How do you change what is said in the blue bar above the msgbox?

  Completealias 16:22 02 Mar 05

If you mean the title of the message box then the format of the message box is msgbox(prompt eg how r u?, vbyesno, title of mesage box eg how r u 2day?)

  Josquius 16:29 02 Mar 05

msgbox("You shall die",vbyesno,"Important message") you mean? What does the number that normally goes before vbyesno do?
Other one still stands.

  Completealias 16:45 02 Mar 05

Thats the one am not sure about the other one thou according to my text book then the value for vbno is 7 as u said and vbyes is 6

  Completealias 16:50 02 Mar 05

This code

If MsgBox("you shall die", vbYesNo, "Important Message") = vbYes Then MsgBox ("ok")

Produces a message box with the title important message and the text you shall die and yes no buttons when you click on yes you get another text box that says ok

Hope that helps

  VoG II 16:54 02 Mar 05

It is easy enough to find out:

Sub test()

MsgBox prompt:="vbYes " & vbYes & Chr(13) & "vbNo " & vbNo, Title:="My Title", Buttons:=vbCritical

End Sub

  Simsy 18:48 02 Mar 05



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