Some problems.

  Ducktape 12:57 07 Aug 07

Hello to everyone. This is my first post, and it's a real doozy!!

Motherboard - Asrock K7S8X
Graphics Card - Nvidia GeForce FX5200
Sound - Realtek AC'97

A couple of weeks ago the sound went on my computer, shortly followed by the screen flashing, and computer switching off. It would then not boot up again. I managed to get all the files needed off it, and did a full reinstall.
Since doing that it has had problems. The sound is still not there. When windows did manage to boot up this time, it wasn't staying long before freezing, and shutting down, by way of the monitor going black, and the onto standy, for the computer to restatr again on it's own.
I've already spent too long on it, and as I am not that computer literate (my friend is a whizz, bt even he's banging his head at this - thinks it the drivers?)This has been really stressful, as I run a website, and although I have this laptop, I really need back onto the desktop. I hope someone can help.

  Strawballs 13:19 07 Aug 07

Did your friend try taking off the side and cleaning out any dust under the CPU fan in the heatsink?

What O/S are you using?

  Strawballs 13:21 07 Aug 07

Oh and you do need a better title next time giving people a better idea of what the problem is!

  Ducktape 13:24 07 Aug 07

Sorry about the title, I really don't know what the problem is, but apologies. I'm using Windows XP, and I clean the dust within the tower, with air, on a regular basis.

  Ducktape 13:27 08 Aug 07

So, I take it no-one has any thoughts?

  robert01 13:57 08 Aug 07

My guess is that if it works for a while and then shuts down it must be overheating. There are various motherboard monitors you can download which will monitor the temp and show the results in a graph against recommended values. You could also turn the system on with the 'door' off and see if the fans are working as they may have stopped due to a loose connection etc.

About the sound - have you checked the properties under device manager for the soundcard ?

  Kate B 13:58 08 Aug 07

have you updated all your drivers since your reinstall? I'd start with doing that; and of course if you haven't already by installing all the relevant Windows updates. You might also try scans with the usual anti-malware: you might have picked something up in the interim.

  skidzy 16:31 08 Aug 07

If you have loaded the correct drivers upon a reinstall,i would hazzard a guess here it is overheating or possibly a failing psu.

Does your friend have a spare psu you could try ?

Do you have the motherboard cd containging the drivers and utilities,if so run this if possible.

  Probabilitydrive 16:50 08 Aug 07

The following symptom ".....shortly followed by the screen flashing, and computer switching off. It would then not boot up again...." occurred, when one of my memory sticks (or mobo - still have to get to the bottom of this) failed.

I could only hazard a guess, whether this relates to a soundcard issue.

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