Some of my E-Mail messages are not getting through

  1936 17:12 07 May 09

I have just received a telephone message saying that someone has sent me several E-Mail messages yet I have not seen any of them. I am receiving other messages.
Is something set to high and if so, what and how do I fix it?

  mooly 17:41 07 May 09

Is the sender getting an error message ? What happens if you email them and ask them to reply on the same message, which will have your correct address on it.

  HXP 18:19 07 May 09

Check your 'spam' folder (or equiva)lent, you may find your security software or email provider may be seeing them as spam.


  1936 18:53 07 May 09

The sender is not getting an errot message and regretably I have no idea what a 'spam' folder (or equivalent) is.

  Marko797 19:02 07 May 09

For Spam, read Junk. Depends what email prog ur using. 4 example,if outlook, look in ur junk mail folder, if aol, check ur spam folder.

  1936 19:25 07 May 09

I have Outlook Express and I have no idea how to find my ur junk mail folder.

  jack 19:48 07 May 09

Go to your Providers web site - and select Webmail
Sign in [your Email address and pass word.
You will be taken to your mail server.
click to the spam folder - see what you will see
It pays to visit this frequently - A to keep it clear and B to make sure something you were expecting did not wind up there.

  1936 09:09 08 May 09

Sorry chaps but you are dealing with an elderly superannuated HR Manager who although he is happy using Word or building a family video is not very computer knowledgeable.
You said, "Go to your Providers web site - and select Web mail
Sign in your Email address and pass word.
You will be taken to your mail server
Click to the spam folder."
I use Windows XP.
Outlook Express.
Try as hard as I can I am not able to work out how to find my Web Mail and do as you suggest so could you please do an idiots guide. Many thanks.

  birdface 09:18 08 May 09

In outlook Express try Tools.Message rules.Blocked senders list.And make sure you have not added your friend to the blocked senders list by mistake.

  1936 09:29 08 May 09

Iv'e looked there and the address is not there sI still need to know how to determine whar my Providers web site is, how to select Webmail and
Sign in to my mail server and Spam folder.

  clock 10:05 08 May 09

Don't worry 1936, I too am a silver surfer and had the same problem a few weeks ago! Try as I might I could not find a junk/spam folder in Outlook Express or Post Office Web Mail site, nor did their technical people respond to my request for help!

I just gave up looking and eventually the 'lost' e-mails were re-sent and finally received.

Looking on the bright side, maybe we are lucky and just don't get spam?


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