Some info about playing AVCHD video.

  nerawan 17:39 20 Jan 11

Hi. more than 2 years ago I bought a Panasonic camcorder High Definition. I travelled for more than a year and I got many DVDs (transfered from SD card using Nero). It has been a nightmare trying to play them. My Pc is Dell(3.2 Gyg memory and graphic card is 512 Mb expanadable to 1 gyg). I have used WidMediaPlayer 11, VLC and Power DVd. In some of them the image is not right. The edges of the sapes are like waves, or sometimes the soumd is broken. I also have an LG BlueRay player.

Yesterday I bought a Sony BluRay player to attach to the tv. The immage and sound is fine but the clips plays about 3 seconds apart. What can I do to play them smooth and like a movie without gaps?.I think one possibly solution is to change the file extension but wich one?. Thanks for any help.

  Woolwell 18:38 20 Jan 11

I found that the best way to transfer Panasonic HD was to use their own HD Writer program and edit and burn with that.

  nerawan 18:54 20 Jan 11

I have XP SP3 and it works only with SP2.

  eedcam 18:57 20 Jan 11

As said Pannysoftware should do check you have the latest version .Dont forget you can burn HD to a Std DVD it will still be HD that should play on the bluray player albeit you can only get about 20 mins on a std dvd.You a

  Woolwell 18:57 20 Jan 11

Which camcorder and what version of HD Writer?

  nerawan 21:04 20 Jan 11

HDC-SX% (DVD/SD card)...and HD Writer 2.0E. I think Panasonic has not made any update for this.

  Woolwell 22:00 20 Jan 11

I think that they have. This should be suitable for SP3 click here

  nerawan 16:39 08 Feb 11

It took a little to reply. I went to that website and try to update but they asked for the serial number of the camcorder. I think it was some kind of sticker but is lost now. I sent a message to panasonic explaininf that and saying I have proof of purchase from Amazon. I waited for their answer but it has been 2 weeks now.

I tried to install XP SP@ but because it's an older version the PC don't allow me to do it.

  Woolwell 16:50 08 Feb 11

It's not a sticker on my HD camcorder. Have you removed the battery and looked behind that?

  nerawan 18:29 08 Feb 11

Yes. there is nothing there. In the panasonic web site there is a pic and the number should be in the base of the camcorder.

  Woolwell 19:14 08 Feb 11

Sorry cannot help.

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