Some info about Anytime internet access

  Totally-braindead 14:25 08 Jun 03

A friend of mine has a laptop with Anytime internet on it, he wished to use it at work as well as home, I thought I would have to configure a pay as you go internet access on his laptop. However I have just received an email back from informing me that you can configure their version of Anytime to use 2 numbers so it can be used from work as well as home. Very interesting I thought, I wonder if any other internet providers do this. By the way haven't tried it yet as can't get hold of my friend till Monday.

  graham√ 15:22 08 Jun 03

It doesn't matter where your friend plugs in the PC, any ISP will connect from any telephone line. Just two things to bear in mind, though : if going far from home, it may be better to find a different local access number to maintain speed. Also, if using an extension at work, he may have to insert a digit (usually 9) to access a line before the access number.

  david4637 17:04 08 Jun 03

Most ISPs only allow ONE telephone number to access their system- mainly from a security point of view. David

  david4637 17:07 08 Jun 03

typo - mainly from a security point of view. David

  graham√ 17:53 08 Jun 03

Sorry old chum, but you are wrong. As a for instance, my number is with-held, how does my ISP know where I am connecting from? The advantage of laptops is that you can carry them with you and plug them in anywhere. Little use, you must agree, if it only works at home?

The ISP recognises the machine, it does not request or need the number you are at.

  Totally-braindead 18:08 08 Jun 03

Sorry Graham but I agree with David, if you're on a package to access the internet such as Anytime and try to connect from another phone it will not work. I know this to be true as I've tried it, I posted this as seemed to offer a solution to this problem and I thought others would be interested. I presume you've never tried this yourself.

  graham√ 19:47 08 Jun 03

OK, tell me where in your internet set-up do you put your home phone number?

  MikeB. 20:01 08 Jun 03

click here I'm you are wrong graham??...

  Taran 20:10 08 Jun 03

Freeserve, to name just one ISP, only allow you to connect to their anytime service using one number.

If you have a laptop and you're on the move, if you registered it at home using your home number it will refuse connection from any other line. There are other ISPs that do the same, but Freeserve is just one of the big names that springs to mind.

The ability to hide your telephone number from other telephone users who receive your calls has nothing to do with how your ISP connection is set up. If it did, half the planet would be unable to connect. The technologies are totally different.

  Taran 20:12 08 Jun 03

Some ISP's do allow you to simply change the local access code in your dial up network settings to allow connection depending on the region you are in. Others however, disallow this for a lot of very good reasons.

  graham√ 20:55 08 Jun 03

Hands are up! I can see I'm behind the times! It would seem prudent, therefore, to ensure the ISP you choose for a laptop is one that doesn't tie you to one or two numbers if you intend to travel, which is the main advantage of a laptop.

As for the technology being different, I can assure you that if your number is with-held, it is with-held from the ISP also. If anyone would wish to try who is tied to one number, temporarily insert 141 before the access number. Do let us know.

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