some feedback please

  tomleady 13:40 09 Feb 04

hi. completely redone this site (click here),its for my mum's job. i got rid of everything assoiciated with the last one, it was terrible! :0

anyway, feedback would be appreciated about thsi site please.

feedback on anything wouldd be great, thanks.

oh,the background image isnt looks ok on 1024x768, but on 1152x864, it looks poor.

cheers, tom
link - click here

  anchor 13:50 09 Feb 04

I don`t quite see the purpose of the graphic on the right hand side. It takes up about a third of the screen, and seems to do nothing; not even linking to the Liverpool Diocese or the C of E.

Anyway, I expect the web design experts will be posting later with their comments.

  tomleady 13:54 09 Feb 04

cheers anchor.

i see your point. i've been messin around with it, and when i have the tables filling the whole screen, there isnt much information on the pages, and it just seems a waste.

the links are on the red banner for the Liverpool Diocese and CofE, because the site is part of them, their logo is 'required' apparently.


i'd agree with anchor that the picture seems a little strange floating there,

personally i'd keep the tables so they fit an 800 width but centre them in the browser window, I find that helps to stop things looking lop-sided.

the nitty-gritty things are a few missing commas and the text needs to be moved a few pixels off the ege of the table.

hope it helps. H.

  tomleady 18:00 09 Feb 04

cheers horiz5

i've changed it now to centre. it looks loads better! Cant believe i didnt think of that before.

got rid of the background, and changed it to a very pale grey. and i've put the a text-indent into my css, but some sentences dont look right, so i'll fiddle with them again.

i'll get my mum to proof read cus i'm hopeless at proof reading my own stuff!

any other things people like/ dont like?

click here (it should be centered now)


  jgosden 18:21 09 Feb 04

I actually really like it you've done a good job, well done

  anchor 09:17 10 Feb 04

Very much better; I like it too. Congrats!.

  tomleady 09:30 10 Feb 04


and my mum likes it to, so that saves me some grief!

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