some emails not getting through

  Rebanut 20:39 PM 04 Jul 11

Hi, I have outlook express and I use free Mailwasher and am with Virgin Media, my problem is that I seem to be getting emails ok but I have not received 4 emails to my knowledge that I know were sent, a relation sent me one and today a holiday confirmation email didnt get through either, so I phoned the hotel tonight and they sent another while I was on the pc and it didnt come through, they both know the correct address but the hotel and my relation both come from the same area, namely Yorkshire, I am not sure if thats relevant, can anyone throw any light on this please.


  robin_x 21:00 PM 04 Jul 11

Check your Spam folder?

  Rebanut 23:05 PM 04 Jul 11

Yes I checked and it all seems ok, thank you for your reply but it seems very strange that some mails are getting through but others are not, thanks anyway.

  recap 08:13 AM 05 Jul 11

This could be one of those occasions were an email is sent from Hotmail and doesn't get through to say a Yahoo account for up to 5 days. Why this happens I am not sure but it can happens?


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