Some e-mail addresses not working,,,, some are ?

  Furkin 10:44 24 Mar 08

Hi all,
Sorry to ask again but,,,,

I have lost the ‘outgoing/sending’ of some of my e-mail addresses.
I use Supanet (dial-up) ISP.
I use BT.BBand

I ‘synchronise’ the two (sorry if this is the wrong phrase here !)
For my own reasons I use Outlook Express for my mailing.
To this I have ‘synchronised’ my BT.B.Band system.

I have a couple of BT addresses that use very infrequently.
Most of my used addresses/records are on Supanet.

All was well until I tried to add a new supanet address yesterday.

After inputting all the data for the new address, things went haywire.

I have lost the ‘sending’ power of 8 existing addresses within Supanet.
I still have the sending power of 3 existing addresses within Supanet.
As far as I can make out, I can still ‘receive’ e-mails to them all.

At the same time I had lost loads of data/address/faves in my I.Explorer.
After trying several things I did a restore to the day before.
Fortunately this made I.Explorer o.k again,,,, but not the supanet/e-mail side.

I didn’t touch anything in any e-mail folder,,,, merely added a new name/address - which I have deleted whilst I get this sorted.

As far as I can see, all the settings seem o.k (the working ones are the same as the ‘unworking’ ones

I have looked at a couple of ‘reasons’ in that pop up, but the link doesn’t seem to exist.

Any ideas please ?

  rawprawn 11:22 24 Mar 08

I have a similar problem,I can send from all 5 of my email addresses but receive only from one. There is a small article in the Yorkshire Post this morning saying that BT are having problems with a server and are trying to fix it. This has been ongoing for a couple of days.
I would just wait a while and not change anything.

  VoG II 11:31 24 Mar 08
  Furkin 11:55 24 Mar 08

thanks folks,

It's the other way round for me - I seem to be able to receive on all addresses but only send on 3

I looked at the article VoG,,, they seem to say that the problem is 'localised',,,,, that obviously means somewhere in the very West Of Cornwall then,,,, as that's where I am !?!?

I don't s'pose BT can tell us any more about area's / times etc ?
Where is the best place to try asking BT - on-line or calling ?


  rawprawn 12:06 24 Mar 08

You could try 0800800030

  rawprawn 13:53 24 Mar 08

I have just managed to log in to BTYahoo online and get to my main account. There were 2 messages in the inbox which I deleted and I can now Send and receive mail in Outlook. I checked all my other accounts while I was there but they were all empty.

  Furkin 14:26 24 Mar 08

Well done R.Prawn:
The BT numbers that i've tried for updates don't get anywhere.
My problem 'may' be cos i'm trying to use Supanet via BT.BB (which I have done for some time now)?!
I'd love a BT service centre to say "Yes, we have a problem in your area" so that I can leave things alone for a while.
On the other hand, if I knew for certain that my area was o.k, I could carry on looking at other than BT for help.
I've been able to get on-line for browsing etc all the time (apart from an initial snap - where I 'Restored') - my problem is sending e-mails from O.Express.

All (cept 1) my settings are the same, so I can't understand why a couple of 'em work, but most don't !

I'm not 100% sure that the BT fault is causing mine - especially in my area - but I can't do much about it, more than beg on these pages.

well done again.

  rawprawn 20:52 24 Mar 08

Back to square one, all locked up again and this time I can't get in.

  rawprawn 08:35 25 Mar 08

It's working OK again this morning, lets hope they have solved the problem.

  Furkin 08:39 25 Mar 08

TUE: Where as yesterday I could 'receive' ALL addresses,,,,, today I can only receive about 3 !
Still can't 'send' most of them.

I could do with knowing if my problem is down to BT,,,, or something I did.

I don't want to wait for BT to fix its-self (!?!?) if it dosn't help me,,,, nor do I want to play with my equipment (!!??) if it's perfect !

Access to B.Band hasn't been effected - only the e-mail side.

Have just dropped a note to Yahoo Help Desk - but have no idea if or when they might reply.

sorry to hear that yours down again,,,,,,,,,

  Furkin 08:46 25 Mar 08

Todays error on trying to receive:

""The server responded with an error. Account: ‘?????’, Server: '', Protocol: POP3, Server Response: '-ERR AVG POP3 Proxy Server: Cannot connect to the mail server!', Port: 110, Secure(SSL): No, Server Error: 0x800CCC90, Error Number: 0x800CCC90""

Excuse my ignorance - but does anyone know if this has anything to do with AVG ???

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