solving keyboard issues on laptop

  zanneth 09 Oct 12

Hi Guys

I have been having problems with my keyboard for some time now, but it has got progressively worse recently. When I am typing the cursor will suddenly jump to another line, or if I press shift for a capital the whole area typed will highlight and disappear. The worst one is the W key, most of the time I have to hit the key hard for it to work and other times it spells out twice in succession. I have been onto the supplier once and was talked through a reset of the config of the keyboard, but that didn't really solve the issue. I have put up with it and got used to it, but now I am having to watch every keystroke I make, as I have had to do tying this. Does anyone have any ideas, aside from throwing the laptop at the nearest wall!! Thanks


Is it at all possible that someone has spilled something on the keyboard? You're describing the classic symptoms.

  zanneth 09 Oct 12

Hi Ian

No to that, nothing has been spilled. Iv'e also checked the driver and that's up to date. I'm really puzzled as everything I try makes no difference..

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09 Oct 12

Probably full of muck

see here to clean

  onthelimit1 10 Oct 12

On most laptops, it's cheap and easy to swap it for a new one. If you're reluctant to do that, and you use the laptop mainly in the same place, you could plug-in a USB one for a fiver. What make and model is it?


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