spikeychris 11 Feb 05

Disable your firewall.

  Chezdez 12 Feb 05

i like you way of thinking

  FelixTCat 12 Feb 05

If that's the solution, what is the problem? Is it: "I don't have enough viruses, trojans and spyware on my computer. What should I do?"

  spikeychris 12 Feb 05

Felix a FW will not prevent you getting viruses or spyware on your computer. Trojans can also access a computer that has a firewall through a legitimate download. However [especially with SP2] lots of network issues can be solved by disabling any firewalls or allowing access.

  FelixTCat 12 Feb 05

Sorry, spikeychris. I assume that this is part of a thread that doesn't appear here. I'm sure that it was a valid answer to a problem. No offence meant.

  spikeychris 12 Feb 05

Felix - no worries. No, there was no thread, I was just banging the board.

  laser sailor 15 Feb 05

Is banging the board a technical term for when you hit a number of sticky keys at once ?

  FelixTCat 15 Feb 05

It refers to the state of frustration reached when you bang your forehead repeatedly on the keyboard.

Usually related to networks, particularly wireless.

  laser sailor 16 Feb 05

Worrying - I'm about to buy a second PC, probably from Dell, and set up a Wireless network. I'm surfing around the forums to try and pick up some ideas before buying cards & a router. Watch out for my "help.....I've just bought ...... and the ....won't work" post in here

  FelixTCat 16 Feb 05

Don't worry too much - you don't see many threads titled "I just set up wireless networking straight out of the box and it worked"

  Chezdez 17 Feb 05

"I just set up wireless networking straight out of the box and it worked"

i've never heard that anywhere


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