buteman 06 Apr 12

When I get bored I will play the odd game of solitaire using W/7 32Bit and using it this morning for some reason it seems to be twice as quick as it usually was.

Have been to Specsavers about a month ago so ruled out the new specs.

Anyone else notice any difference using games in all programs.

  northumbria61 06 Apr 12

Good morning buteman - it seems to be twice as quick as it usually was.

Well we don't get many posts like this. It is usually that things are running too slow. I will take a look at my Solitaire later to see if I can see any difference. If you can play twice as many games in the same amount of time you are definitely on to a winner. Enjoy it while it is still running faster!

  Mr Mistoffelees 06 Apr 12


Whatever you are on, I want some. I could do with something to make me go faster.

  buteman 06 Apr 12

Just thought of a possible cause.

I was having problems with my computer a week ago and this was how I fixed it.

I tried resetting the DNS manually and I have been putting down the settings on the computer that it gave.

It showed the IPv4 address as and I thought that was the proper address to put in.

Decided to try it again this morning when I got it to connect through Hitmanpro and the IPv4 address had changed to

Thought that I would give that a go to see if it made any difference and Bingo it works so far.

So maybe changing the IPv4 address to maybe made the computer run that bit quicker.

So will accept that as an answer and green tick this.

Mr Mistoffelees. A dose of Andrews maybe.

Speaking of games... Many years ago, I had way too much time on y hands, and developed a nasty Tetris habit. I got so good that I found a bug in it. When you got to a score of 32,768 - your score started going backwards. I understand this to be a limitation of the 4-bit/8-bit CPUs (or whatever) at the time - they couldn't go past 32,768.

And also... I used to be a big Solitaire fan. The 'reward' at the end - with all the decks of cards cascading - made it worthwhile... :-) But now, such is the speed of the modern CPU, your 'reward' is over in an instant: it doesn't take the several minutes it used to.

Ah, progress...

  buteman 07 Apr 12

Ian in Northampton

I wish my computer would run as fast as Solitaire does now.It is as though it changes before you actually press the key it is that quick now.

To tell the truth I preferred it the way it was.


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