Solid State Hard Drives can they be used in a desktop?

  Autoschediastic 16 Nov 11

hi can you tell me please i have a SATA connection and my internal HD is almost dead, i want this for my Desktop so can you tell me if i can put only windows 7 on this drive to speed the boot up & have a separate drive for the files etc.. so ive got this SSD just for the Operating system and have another drive for files/games Ect..?


  gengiscant 16 Nov 11

Yes you can. I have an OCZ Vertex 2 60GB SSD with a 1TB Sata HDD with another 1TB as a backup. The SSD contains operationg system plus most of my programs. My games (Steam)are on the !TB drive as is all my photos,videos and music. After installing the OS on the SSD move all the MY folders location to the bigger drive, a very simple process, this will mean that if you add music photo etc they will automatically go to the bigger drive.


Moving folders

Gengiscant: I know it's rude to hijack someone else's thread - but did you get the performance increase from the SSD you were looking for? It's something I've been thinking about for a while, and SSD technology is becoming much more affordable.

  gengiscant 16 Nov 11

Ian in Northampton.

Good question, I actually bought my first one so as to have a small boot drive with less of thebloat that we all acquire with our hard-drives. Yes it boots faster and programs load faster and it seems so much easier to reinstall windows if things go pear shape, I have never liked system restore,without having to worry about personal folders.

I would like to get a bigger SSD to just put Steam and games on, seemingly works wonders for loading times etc.

Thanks gengiscant.

  Autoschediastic 17 Nov 11

Ian & Gengiscant THANKS so much guys! i now know its ok to do...cheers your a star!



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